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"I am Nature. Nature; once I detach, I die."  
Madiha Mansour 
I invite you to share Bawabat's vision; one of Self Discovery.
A journey, that brought me to where I am today…
A friend, close to my heart looked at me in inspiration yet sympathy, and called me a " human do'er not a human being.  I was called all robotic names you can image; duty driven, superwoman, Ms. work ethic, the small woman with a big brain, the sharp, manager that wastes no time. ..everything a human do’er would love to be called.
But for sure I was no human being… I was an outcome of the stringent, technical matrix… A "perfect" mother of a little Price that wanted to achieve all, tick all boxes of work, life, the ideal businesswoman that wanted to achieve all,  the highest career rank across Africa commercially......seal deals and big fat tenders worth billions, you name it. Each robotic tittle linked to its egotistical ladder that climbed a false purpose. I thought I ticked all aspects of a programmable robot, what a loser!  I had simply missed to tick the biggest, most meaningful tick in life… LIVING and LOVING!
What an IDIOT, yes in BIG, BOLD, CAPS I say it, I was. How could have I not surrounded myself by nature. Nature is the instant cure for anything. For the simplest (always most sophisticated outcome) Nature is simply put living... and loving.  
 Back in 2012 while working in Shell Mining Across Africa, I found myself leaning more and more on the inspiration I had from meeting the indigenous people in remote areas near the mine sites that extract natures beauty and extract minerals we do use today, iron ore, gold, diamonds, silver,.... Meeting "real" humans sharing their food, and laughs. Global colleagues said I was crazy to even try foods deep; in the remote areas of Guinea, Madagascar, Ghana....  I would go to the small suburbs off Cape Town where there would be live music and connect with its simplicity versus. large famous, pub's technically sound, sound. Further out of Africa, I camped alone in forests as Naval Moral Del la Mata and prayed in all religions tones and verbatim in AngKor Wat, parked on the waters of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, stocked the big five in Africa, fed cheetahs, lions and giraffes, got hypnotized by the hippo's drowsy, drifty, water dances, even had a encounter with an annoying little monkey in Kenya! I become aware that I was only absolutely present and sincere to myself when I was in nature, or having a connecting conversation with another “human being” or working with my hands vs. working on a large tender (which I still love the challenge). I simply had clarity when I was in nature. I understood it all finally. I only knew then, that the gateways or “Bawabat” to how I wanted to live going forward, was in nature. 
One that's inspired by nature, one that has no limits regarding living well and imagination.
Nature was key my portal to where ever and whatever I wanted to reach. 
The corporate world can be a blessing or a curse. To me, I will always be thankful to it for how it contributed to both pain and gain; and moreover, to this journey.  In a nutshell, I am an Egyptian, who wants to be the representation of our indigenous people, our land that’s all about abundance and nature. Egypt was always an of inspiration for prosperity, cared for its nature, the Nile and was the land of love.  I would like to share an eye opening experience by creating gateways through a venue " Bawabat" for your journey too. 

I am, finally an indigenous, human being. Come discover your true self at Bawabat. 
Madiha Mansour